Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


The grass can only get greener and the lights can only get brighter.

The demons try to drag me under again, but I’m a believer and I’m a fighter.

Overcoming my demons and my dark side was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I couldn’t lose and after years of fighting against the evil, it seems with the combination of compassion, fury, and passion, I’ve finally won.

The sky isn’t the limit, past the moon I shall strive to rise.

Never will I forget the battles nor the scars they’ve brought me. But the lessons enabling my path for destiny, I’m growing stronger as I keep my eyes on every prize.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


I’m feeling great!

I just had to let you know right out of the gate.

I’m celebrating the wars I’ve won, and for the wars I’ll win – I’ve already started to celebrate.

I’m taking a sip of my own lemonade. Sorry not sorry, it tastes too good – as it should.

Don’t you ever think I won’t share.

So everyone raise your glasses high in the air.

And now a toast, a toast to our dreams and the victories we shall declare.

Here’s to chasing and fulfilling our destinies.

Here’s to becoming someone to be proud of for our friends and families.


Rent Free

You live in my mind, rent free.

You live in my heart, rent free.

I probably haven’t met you yet, but I still write how much you already mean to me.

I wish to see you soon and say that I love you to your heavenly face. Still, I’ll write all of it in verses of poetry.

You lift my spirits up just by being out there. Right now, you’re a lover with no name and I’m the same to you. Someday that’ll change – someday.

We’re out there in the world, hoping to find true love – but the heart always finds a way.


Someone’s Forever

Holding hands after a romantic movie.

Burgers and fries at the bowling alley.

Can’t wait for those days and nights.

Kissing as we shine under the streetlights.

Holding hands now with ice cream in the other.

Laying on the grass in the park, looking up to the stars. Talking about how we belong together.

I believe in destiny, I believe in all having a true love story.

I believe in you and me.

When we meet one day, it’d be that moment when we start going on to live happily ever after.

The story grows every day, and I’ll be loving you more and more as we write every word of every chapter.

I’m dreaming of being someone’s forever.

And as I awake, I always think the same message to myself – never say never.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


Hi everybody, would you look at me?

I am the poet writing about his story.

It appears that mine, like many stories, has different emotions every chapter.

And I know if I just had a bit of hope, just a tad of positivity – I would live in happiness and approach the good times with the sound of my laughter.

The clouds on a stormy day or tears when confusion strikes, leaving me with nothing more to say.

My goodness, Hope, what a wonderful feeling you are. I miss you although you’re never far. I just can’t find you, in my days of blue. 

Please come back and forever stay, because you’ve known and you’ve seen who I become when you’re away. 

Imperfect, a word to describe myself. Imperfect is my exhausting mental health. Imperfect is the trauma and thoughts I tried to raise where I could never reach like a cookie jar on the highest shelf.

Hope, I wish for you with every desire of my soul for the duration of when I’m awake. Hope, you know it is me that begs for you to save me as my heart aches. Without you, I still fight day and night. And without you, I’m still struggling to heal and I ask myself, “What does it take?”

I’ve lived dreams in reality and slumber. Hope, I’m begging you to help me become who I was, and give me strength to become the person I envisioned that gave me the ambition to wonder.

Hope, souls are in need of your presence in their shallow hearts. And now that you’ve finally arrived, the time for peace and wellness starts. 

The poet will always and forever write his story with you, Hope, by his side.

Because now that you are in my presence, you have brought me the grandest present – the happiness of the feeling of being alive.


Feels Like

It feels like I’ve been stung by a bee.

It feels like waking up the newborn baby.

Rejection after rejection, I still have hope that I’ll fall in love with a dude or a lady.

It feels like a never-ending trip but it’s going somewhere.

It feels like losing thanks to the ones who make it unfair.

Heartbreak after heartbreak, I still have hope that someone will claim this love I’m dying to share.

And that’s why I believe that true love is indeed rare.