Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

The Fight Will Never End

They’re going to remember I’m unforgettable.

Don’t blame me. Blame all I love along with family. They’re responsible.

Don’t hate on them. Hate on me. I’m unstoppable.

Dreamt and fought for glory. I know anything is possible.

Fighting for love, she makes me feel invincible.

Hard times have come and go, sometimes I felt invisible.

Sometimes I was just miserable.

The pain was visble.

The story is unpredictable.

Only spoiler is I’m going to keep rising. But that was way too predictable.

I’m going to keep on rising.

Do it for the glory, got to keep striving.

If life’s a highway. Buckle up, because I’m driving.

Rear view mirror.

The visions keep getting clearer.

Maybe I’m a fool, but don’t mess with a dreamer.

Don’t question a believer.

I believe I’m going full speed ahead.

No highway bothers me if I keep taking the high road. I remember when all these demons wanted me dead.

Messing with my head.

Now we’re headed to the bakery to get this bread.


1 Month Anniversary

I love the way you hold me in your arms.

I love the way your peace brings me to a whole new world where I don’t have to fear harm.

I love you just the way you are.

So bring me closer, I don’t want to be so far.

Please bring me closer.

Put your head on my shoulder.

Meeting you was when my heart knew the search for true love was over.

I love the way that our crazy ways collide.

Like a vibe that’ll never die.

I love the way you make me feel.

You make me a lucky man, being in your heart feels so surreal.

Happiness in a dream of reality, this love is the real deal.

Telling you everyday the way I feel.

I cherish everything we are.

I love you just the way you are.

It is what is and it really be like that, I love the way you love me.

Happy anniversary!



I don’t want to see you some days.

I want to see you Mondays to Sundays

I want to wake up to that pretty smile on your beautiful face.

Always by your side against the madness you may face, because your love has sent me light-years further from my dark place.

I want to always show my appreciation, my love, my trust.

You know you’re beautiful and every great thing about you. But acknowledging you is a must.

You’ve asked if I can handle your kind of crazy.

“Can I call you?”, I thought we were done with stupid questions love. I just want to be there to handle it daily.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Home Sweet Home

Your arms open and close behind me like a door.

I never want to leave, I always want more.

It just feels so right.

Cherishing talking on the phone all day and night.

Always there, always inviting. You’re my home.

Never alone.

We talk of our peace. We talk of our madness. She understands me.

Consider me comfy and happy!

Never home alone.

Because you’re my home sweet home!

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

War Games

Once before, I played that game.

No shame.

With nobody to blame.

I played with fire, and got burned by a self-destructive flame.

I’m one for peace, no longer for violence.

Under this rising light, I have new guidance.

Looking to find more strength, take away the pain.

It’s time for me to reclaim, and claim what I could gain.

I’m different now, and that’s okay – I know not everything will be the same.

I’m spared from asking if I’m insane.

I’ve killed the demons haunting my heart and brain.

And although every scar remains, I’ve locked my evil away with every chain.

I’ve won and survived my war game.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Your Superstar

Can I be the one your heart craves?

Can I be the one your love saves?

Trapped in your gaze.

Never want to escape, I love this maze.

Can’t wait to show my loving ways.

Too damn lucky to meet you, you’re out of this world.

Too damn lucky to love you, I cherish you always my girl.

Long days and nights on the phone.

Laughing and loving, with you I’ll never feel alone.

So can I be your superstar?

Have you ever been struck by a shooting star?

I want to take you to new places.

Bring you to the hometown, introduce you to familiar faces.

Every ounce of spirit within is burning for you. Our love is truly off to the races.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Making It Make Sense

So what if nothing makes sense?

I live in peace with my madness, I rise and I thrive on my demon’s absence.

It may not make sense, but it feels so real.

Happily lost in this reality I’ve learned to be nothing short of surreal.

Grateful, I won.

Forever grateful for all I met. Don’t let go, I think you’re the one.

Maybe this life is more than I could handle.

But who said that? My fire burns brighter than a wildfire on a candle.

Hope I make them all proud of me.

They love me.

Grateful I won, back then it wasn’t so certain I’ll see the light I now see.

I know I’m redeeming.

I know I’m winning.

And if the evil ever returned, the war in my head ends. Because for that, there isn’t another beginning.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

In Time Of Healing

Can one really rebuild the bridges that have been burned?

The pain remains. One may find peace, but one may never see past the ashes in those pages of life already turned.

I promise.

My wars. My pain. These lessons won’t go unlearned.

I promise.

I’ll fight harder to keep this energy than I did to get it.

I promise.

I may forgive, but scars make it hard to forget.

I promise.

Part of this fight for this new light is to keep becoming a better man.

I promise.

Never again will I lose myself again. Never again will I go under. And never will I let the darkness define who the hell I am.

I promise.


Everything or Nothing

We may not have a fairytale beginning.

But we could have a fairytale ending.

We could have nothing.

We could have everything.

As long as I’m with you, I feel like I could do anything.

Don’t you hear my heartbeat? Don’t you hear my heart sing?

Through the best, and through the worst. There for you, when you’re crying. I’ll be there when you’re smiling.

I’ll be there by your side, and hope to hear you say, “You’re mine.”

Because we may never have a fairytale beginning.

But we could have a fairytale ending.

I’ll love you with all my soul.

Deep in love with you from head to sole.

And I’ll be there for you on your darkest days.

I’ll be there, I’ll be there always.

Through the best and worst, I don’t want to miss a damn thing.

Because we could have everything.

Or we could have nothing.

But with you, I feel like I could do anything.


To Be Caught

Freefalling into your arms. Caught by you, I feel free.

With my heart in your hands, we hold each other tightly.

I don’t ever want to let go of this beautiful moment, don’t you agree?

The stars in the sky, they tell a story about you and I.

I see my reflection in your eye, no longer do I fall because with you I fly.

Flying to a whole new world, a world where the peace forever grows.

We’ll embrace it faster than the wind blows.

So can we write another chapter? Because I want to follow where this love goes.