Gold Blood

It’s going to be a big day.

A poet steps up into the gaze of destiny, throw the nerves through the window – allow the passion to stay.

Fight like I’ve never fought before.

Handicap myself if it means to kick the hinges off the door.

Immediately rise up and march on, preparing for my moment as I stomp passionately and shake the floor.

Powered by friends and family.

Their love uplifts me.

Powered by the prophecies and my story.

Every battle scar will bleed gold as I embrace my glory.

A chance to prove this life is meant for be.

The destiny is screaming my name – Parker Broome! I already have a long life story, but know I will be writing this chapter not just for everyone and thing I love. I need this for me.

It’ll be glorious, a destined champion crowned – victorious.

Coming in hot like a freight train, no one knows how many visions I’ve seen in my brain.

Just thinking of it makes me happier than ever.

A rush of adrenaline I haven’t felt in forever.

I refer to it as a war, well I’m a warrior of a dreamer – I’m always going to want more.

I just feel bad for those who have to reinforce the door.

I look at myself, as a champion and I turn to my demons and the villain. We remember all the cool kids on the bus.

We survived when we thought we wouldn’t, so what in any realm will ever stop us?



The lights blinded me, nearly.

But the shine of a recharged phone or the sight of the lamp and hallway combining their shine as one, ironically that’s when I could see clearly.

I was afraid of my closet.

There’s a monster approaching my bed tonight! No, breathe! It’s only tomorrow’s outfit.

Dreams to me feel lucid.

One night I awake from monsters with relief. The next I awake from romance to be reminded I’m yet to meet cupid.

Sweet dreams, confusing stories playing like a film in my head, I never understand what it all means.

Sleep tight, close my eyes and think happy thoughts as I remove these hallucinations of the night out of my sight.

Good morning, strange dreams with wild scenarios but it’s a new day -every thing is going to be alright.

It doesn’t matter if I’m happy or upset, because every day there’s a mystery of what it all meant.


On The Road Again

I’d feel much better to be on the road again.

My destination allows me to feel at home. Won’t you pardon me for a moment? Those are the happier times waiting at the door, I must let them in.

What joy I have when happiness comes with the good times. A smile every morning as I’m greeted by the rising sunshine.

Won’t lose hope, because I can’t lose hope. Because without it, can one really carry on and reach their destiny?

A simple look in the mirror, perhaps going back to where it all began. But I was reminded that I know where I’m headed on my path. Don’t know when nor do I know how, but deep down I know it’s meant to be.


You = Destined

If it makes you happy, just say yes.

After all, you know what your happiness looks like, so why would you guess?

You are destined, carry on this path like the champion you are on this quest.

Times get tough and the emotions rise, I know you’ll overcome the stress.

You shall do more than overcome, you shall be victorious and leave them all speechless.

You are a champion, you are a warrior. So rise to the occasion, it’s time to be better than your best.


Intersecting Paths

Feeling unstoppable feels too good.

Want to face me? If you want to be a champion – you probably should.

Thinking you will defeat me, if only you could.

Not putting you down for the count or in doubt.

It’s never over until it’s over, and facing me you’re going to learn what that’s all about.

Yet another intersection of paths and stories of destined souls with a story.

Who’s going to prevail? Short answer, me.

Not immortal, just a dude.

But be careful that you don’t overlook that, I’d be so quick to show you a different attitude.

What I learned about me and my life, I always get back up and slap the devil across the face without thinking twice.

What makes me a champion? Passion and pride.

Love and the grueling times of smiling on the outside as I was crying in the inside.

And if it gets too crazy I lift tons of weights, because a challenge is when my inner beast awakes.

You have powers like that, we both are well aware.

So let’s party, I hardly believe our paths are intersecting so we can just stare.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth PBE TV Poetry

“COMING THROUGH” Cinematic Verison


Coming Through

You want to act tough, but you aren’t ready to play rough.

Not with me anyway, I’ll beat you on your best and my worst day.

Confidence can be misleading.

But it’s an unspoken power saying that I never stop believing.

You know what’s up – it’s going down.

You know that your best won’t be enough, the perfect storm is rumbling and hits the ground.

Want to challenge me? Then go ahead and say it to my face.

You run your mouth faster than a cheetah, but you’re slower than a snail. So I’ll love to watch you try to beat me in a race.

You seem like a nice person, so you finish last while I get first place.

I’m not cocky nor lucky, I’m skilled.

Maybe I might, no I will.

I’m going to keep running on this path and if you’re the one I need to pass then guess what I’m going to do. I’m getting closer and closer so excuse me, pardon me – I’m coming through.

PBE TV Poetry

“HOPE” Cinematic Version

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


Hi everybody, would you look at me?

I am the poet writing about his story.

It appears that mine, like many stories, has different emotions every chapter.

And I know if I just had a bit of hope, just a tad of positivity – I would live in happiness and approach the good times with the sound of my laughter.

The clouds on a stormy day or tears when confusion strikes, leaving me with nothing more to say.

My goodness, Hope, what a wonderful feeling you are. I miss you although you’re never far. I just can’t find you, in my days of blue. 

Please come back and forever stay, because you’ve known and you’ve seen who I become when you’re away. 

Imperfect, a word to describe myself. Imperfect is my exhausting mental health. Imperfect is the trauma and thoughts I tried to raise where I could never reach like a cookie jar on the highest shelf.

Hope, I wish for you with every desire of my soul for the duration of when I’m awake. Hope, you know it is me that begs for you to save me as my heart aches. Without you, I still fight day and night. And without you, I’m still struggling to heal and I ask myself, “What does it take?”

I’ve lived dreams in reality and slumber. Hope, I’m begging you to help me become who I was, and give me strength to become the person I envisioned that gave me the ambition to wonder.

Hope, souls are in need of your presence in their shallow hearts. And now that you’ve finally arrived, the time for peace and wellness starts. 

The poet will always and forever write his story with you, Hope, by his side.

Because now that you are in my presence, you have brought me the grandest present – the happiness of the feeling of being alive.

PBE TV Poetry

“Why Wait?” Cinematic Version