Peace within my darkness, I’m seeing more of the light.

I’ve dominated the premises of hell, I’ve won. Seems like I was right.

It feels so good. I’ve changed and this time I can truly feel it in my bones.

This is my empire, may we all sit in our thrones.

Calm through the chaos in my mind, it’s too predictable.

My powers lead me to my dreams, my dreams builds happiness, happiness creates confidence, confidence makes me invincible.

You’ll never lose if you never give up, destiny’s call is unstoppable.



Oh mighty champion, I admire your power.

Oh mighty champion, I respect you. But your regin has met it’s final hour.

You and I are so different, but yet have so much in common. We both believe in fighting for the destiny.

But the biggest difference we have is you do it for your greed. I fight to be someone to be proud of for my friends and family.

Oh mighty champion, you’ve defeated many despite your blinded views.

Someone needs to defeat you, and I’m going to make sure you lose.

I have to win, and not only that – I have to embarrass the hell out of you.

Oh mighty champion, even with your impressive figure and legacy – you are nothing more than a prize fighter with many prizes to lose. I can see right through you.

You see, all I need to do is show up and I’ve already won.

You’re going to learn that I’m also a destined one.

You’re going to destroy me like the titan you are.

But you won’t put me away, I won’t stand down ever. Kick my ass all you want, I’ll survive and teach you that strength will only take you so far.

This truth is going to hurt inside.

With every bone you may break within me, I’ll notice your change of heart on the outside.

I have what you’re going to wish you had – compassion.

I’m not trying to change you, I’m here to stop you in destined fashion.

Oh mighty champion, make your move.

Let’s dance, I’m already in the groove.

And seeing you here puts me in the prizefighting type of mood.

I’m in the way of your path.

Let me feel your wrath!

It doesn’t change the victory I declare.

I’m telling you my hope will overpower your strength. With your strength destroying me and my hope eventually overcoming you, this fight will never be fair.

I don’t fear you and I don’t think you’re the same titan as you claim. So why don’t you bring me insufferable pain?

I know you don’t see fear in my eyes, all I see in your eyes is rage and worry. Have you acknowledged your demise?

Oh mighty champion, you seem angry. If only you had something or someone to take it out on.


At your expense, a new champion will rise.

I’ll bring the glory to all I love and we’ll celebrate my newest prize.


On The Edge

I’m on the edge.

It’s a rocky, steep ledge.

Approaching the nest of the bald eagle.

Sharp talons and the determination to conquer, reminds me of my good friend – the demon within me who I used to believe was evil.

It ascends into the sky and begins to soar.

Since I’m alone on this peak – it’s time for them to hear me roar.

I seen a lot already on this quest and I’m prepared for more.

No matter how unexpected or no matter the challenge, all I see is another door to knock down to the floor.