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“Being Love’s Prey” (feat. Flawed Silence) Preview

Hello everyone! Tonight, PBE will present a poem that wasn’t produced not only by PBE but also Flawed Silence. I would recommend following Flawed Silence by going to and folllow her on Instagram:@kiyax_x ,you will not regret it because her work is absolutely phenomenal. Also I encourage you to follow me on Instagram: @parkerbroomeentertainment ,and on Youtube: PBE TV On Youtube. We would also like to see what side you agree with. I will start off the poem, and she will reply as we alternate lines. Flawed Silence will be represented in italics as PBE will be presented in a bold and italic font . THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST POEM IN PBE HISTORY EVER!!!!! SO FAR AND ITS TOO BIG FOR ONE NIGHT!!! Do you agree with PBE or Flawed Silence? Let both of us know in the comments below, it would be much appreciated! With that being said we hope you enjoy….

Tales Of PBE

World Of Hatred

The beasts surrounded me.

I was trapped in a world of hatred and now I’m free.

I was looked down upon and this world made a joke out of me.

Little did they know that I had something they’ll never find, destiny.

They were too stuck in their nefarious ways.

There was no dreaming, just being controlled for the rest of their days.

I revolted against the rebels.

I slayed the demons that had walked from the gate that will forever be hell’s.

I haven’t seen the future but I will soon.

It will only be a matter of time until I do what I was destined to do, and then I’ll led the world of hatred to it’s doom.

Tales Of PBE

The BeastEater Part 4: Boss Of The Swamp

I walk through the moss and now I’m not just the king of the swamp I am the boss.

Alligators don’t even want to fight me but I’ll fight them later.

Crocodiles just stay away but I’ll conquer them in a while.

Somedays I even prey on the frogs on the lily pads, do you understand that is the worst life I ever had?

I walk around like I’m Shrek, all these creatures run away to protect their neck.

I don’t think anything pleases me more than conquering snakes, it’s almost as pleasing as chasing every predator in the lakes.

I don’t even care about the mud, I’ve made a bigger mess but with my victim’s blood.

Tales Of PBE

The BeastEater: Part 3

Its funny when time stays still.

When you start to feel the wind rushing from the ancient windmill.

When the predator goes in for the kill.

Don’t look behind you now because I see that you’re feeling a chill.

You better run from creatures like me when you hear the shrill.

I do this because I have to but now I do it for the thrill.

You have no idea what world you’re stepping into.

You can’t survive if you don’t dominate like we do.

It’s not fate, it’s the feeling of deja vù.

Walk with me and you’ll be the luckiest victim this world ever knew.

But if you choose to run to your own demise then that’s up to you.

Poetry Tales Of PBE

The BeastEater: Part 2

Why would you even trust me?

You don’t know the first thing about the world I’ve seen and will forever see.

I bet you continue to stand there in fear wondering if you can save me and survive, but there is no way because I don’t even know how.

Stop trying to save me, why can’t you just be grateful? Because I could have preyed on you by now.

All the innocent I’ve consumed.

Every victim had a plan to survived or so I have always assumed.

So what makes you special compared to those before?

I’m a supernatural freak that conquers all, but you’re very oblivious aren’t you?

I haven’t conquered you yet because if your dying wish is to save me then I must show you what I’ve done and that I don’t deserve anything you’ve said.

Why can’t you understand that the more I destroy, the more I listen to the voices in my head?

So you don’t have to continue standing there in fear, I told you already that I’m flattered you fear me but your end isn’t near.

Poetry Tales Of PBE


I remember many times when I was brutally resented.

Sometimes I feel like the worst beast the world has ever presented.

Can you imagine that? What if I was always a beast all along and I’m secertly wicked?

What if I slayed my own kind? That’s just twisted.

What if I preyed on the weak, and never showed any desire to lead?

No written truths or an endless path to destiny, because I would be using my power until the world fears me.

What if the people are only happy if it rains, and I’m only happy when I sharpen my fangs?

Come to think of it as a beast would I even have to face demons? Because as a beast I would have embraced every ounce of rage.

It’s funny to think that because each beast I’ve slayed never rested they just trained to kill, and the open world was their cage.

I’d be ashamed if I was a beast that only wanted to feast and terrify.

But then again would I……?

Poetry Tales Of PBE


Did I ever tell you that I loved you?

I probably did it just meant nothing to you.

I’ve fell for false love so many times.

If I had a dime for everytime I was rejected I’d have a million dimes.

I keep falling for false love.

It’s funny because I asked you before if it hurt when you fell from above.

Because I think you’re an angel, and I think you could also be the devil.

You’re the cold, but I’m still warm.

You are like a rose with a thorn.

You make me feel so depressed.

But depression quickly turned to happiness and I think I’m obsessed.

I keep thinking of every word you say.

I keep thinking of what we could be together every day.

You’re so good but yet so evil.

How can I explain that when you’re here my world stops turning and time stands still.

I see it in your eyes.

You lived a life of truth and lies.

You are the person I love and despise.

You keep changing what I feel inside.

It makes me question my pride.

But I’m so in love that it makes me want to die.

Do you want me or do you want to leave me it’s up to you decide

I’ve had enough but I still need more.

Let’s clear the way and party on the dance floor.

After that we continue living our life together that we both adore because it’s giving us feelings that we just can’t ignore.

And there you go again in and out of my life like a stranger.

I don’t care if your love puts me in danger.

Because together we’re both happy but we live in anger.

Poetry Tales Of PBE

Break Away

Don’t you wish you could just break away?

Leave your worries for another day, because I don’t care what they say.

I’m living the dream yesterday and living it up today.

I get this sensational feeling telling me to break away, it says there are so many places for you on the highway.

I ran away to chase my life, but on the road I forgot to look twice.

I met her along the way, I must say every time I see her she leaves me with nothing to say.

I think she’s a queen should I kneel and obey?

Because knowing her helped me break away.

Don’t you wish you could just break away?

Leave your worries for another day, because I don’t care what they say.

I’m living the dream yesterday and living it up today.

I’m breaking away on this journey on the highway.

The sensational feeling struck me again, it told me that I’ve found more than a friend.

It told me that sometimes the beginning starts at the end, and I need to carry on this road ahead.

And I asked her,

“Will you stand by me and break away?”

Together we will leave our worries for another day, and we won’t care what they say.

We’re living the dream yesterday and we’re living it up today.

There is much more that can be said, but one question is left to say.

Do you wish to stay or will you break away? Because we can live our lives on this journey on the highway.

Poetry Tales Of PBE

The Land Of Determination

One moment I can be an angel in disguise, and the next I can be the vigilante they all despise.

One day this kingdom will be burned down and I will watch it cease to exist and I’ll call it destiny.

I don’t fear the dragon because it is just another ordinary beast. And now the dragon’s head is at my feet.

But that won’t be enough because I came too far just to come face to face with a nefarious coward with everything to lose.

I want to watch him suffer just like he watched me for all these years and make him realize that my destiny is here and now he will face the greatest demise anyone ever knew.

As his demise concludes, one task remains and it’s one I must do.

I must lead so I can reclaim what was lost and rebuild the empire an make it a land of determination.

We will carry on but never will we forget that the self-proclaimed king was nothing more than a prophet of discrimination.

Tales Of PBE

Living The Dream

     It was only twenty-four hours removed from his biggest heartbreak. He had lost everything he ever cared about. He had to work two minimum wage jobs as he went to a performing arts school but was fired and could no longer attend the classes. His girlfriend left him for his worst enemy and moved away to France, and worst of all his family lost all hope in him and disowned him. 

     The previous night, he had nowhere to go because he had no money or a home. He woke up on a rusted metal bench when he was awakened by bikes, pedestrians, and cars that passed by the road. He was embarrassed and ashamed of himself. He knew life was going to be a struggle and was going to be hard on him.

“But not this hard,” he thought to himself. 

      He tried to pretend to not be homeless so that the people wouldn’t look at him differently, but it was no use; the people knew anyway. Some decided to take pity on him and donate money or an occasional half-eaten sandwich, and others would ignore him and act like he didn’t even exist. He cared a lot about what people thought about him, of course, because he wanted to become a celebrity and to be famous all around the world. 

     It did not help at all that his girlfriend nor his family approved of or respected any of his life choices. And then it hit him. If he wanted to become a star and he had nowhere else to go or nothing better to do than beg for help, then why not become a street performer? “What more would I have to lose?” he thought to himself.

     The only problem was: what would be his act? He studied dance throughout high school, was in the school choir, even studied art and retook the class each semester. After a morning watching the world operate around him he decided what he would do. He would make a show for all of the people to see. “This is going to be grand,” he thought to himself with excitement that he could barely contain.

     He decided to use all of his great talents and mix them all together to entertain the town. He painted murals on the sidewalks, he wrote songs on some old papers he found in the trash bins that he would sing all day long, and he even created his own dance routines to go along with his local concert. 

     It was the evening when he finished his setup, and he took one last good look at it before he fell asleep. This was the happiest he’s ever been. “Nothing can be better than this,” he thought, but he was quickly reminded of where he was, a town with no one around on a cold breezy night. He lost his excitement and felt sad and started to shiver from being so cold. He missed having a home to go back to, he missed all of the warm meals he used to have, he missed the comfort and warmth of his old bed, but most of all he missed the people that used to love him. 

     It was once again the morning. Today was the day when he would find a new beginning, a brand new start with doing what he loved most – to entertain. He was uncontrollably eager to begin the show. He quickly picked one of his songs to sing and sang as loud as he could. At first, the people showed little interest, and that discouraged him a little bit, but he kept singing like he never had before. 

     It was now the afternoon and people were looking for a place to eat lunch. He kept saying to himself, “This is it, this is it, it’s finally my time to shine!” The people heard the beautiful songs he was performing and they decided to skip lunch to listen to the songs. One person after another came and eventually there was a crowd of around 20 citizens listening to him and cheering him on. 

     Never in his life has he been happier. It may not have been the way he wanted it to be but now he was living the dream. His art and songs were inspiring the whole town and they were all in awe of his work. The crowd erupted when he started to break out his new dance moves. 

     They loved him so much that people started to donate cash and the amount kept getting bigger. Five dollars turned into 15 dollars and soon it all turned into 50 dollars. He was so humbled and thanked the crowd for their generous donations and for coming to the show. The people proceeded to leave and it was time to stop the show for the day. 

     He looked at his earnings for the day in amazement and realized that he could finally after all this time have a fresh hot meal. He proceeded to the nearest restaurant. He was given weird looks because he did not shave or take a shower the entire time he was kicked out of his home, but the restaurant understood and were more than happy to serve him. 

     A few days passed. New songs were written and performed and more people came to listen to his songs and admire his art.  And during the past few days following his first show he received more and more donations and some days he had even earned nearly 500 dollars! 

     Life was good for him. He just wished there was a way to find a home so he didn’t have to sleep on that old rusty bench any longer. One day a man in a very fancy black suit came by to attend the show. It was yet another successful show and he had again earned another 100 dollars or so. After the show, the man in the suit approached him and said, “I have a new opportunity and I bet you’re interested.”

     He was in shock and pinched himself to see if he was dreaming as the man in the suit continued, “I’ve recognized your talent and can sense your passion from miles away. It’s very refreshing and I’m here today to ask if you’ll be my client so I can help you become a star!”

     He did not hesitate to shake the man’s hand and thank him for the opportunity. The man added, “And I assume that you will be ecstatic to hear that your days of sleeping on some rusty old park bench are over. If you want you can stay with me. Because as your agent, it’s my responsibility to ensure that you get everything essential you need for your career.”

     He smiled and cried tears of joy as he followed his agent to his car. He wished that the people who gave up on him would see him now. He knew that very soon they all would,  because he wasn’t dreaming – he was living the dream.