The simple and the complicated things in my life gets me down.

Sink or swim – a common phrase. My reply, I must not drown.

I must not drown in tears and sorrow.

I must embrace the hope of tomorrow.

I like to say that when you’re down and you can’t go left nor right, the best and only way to go is up.

So once again, you can see me knocked down but still won’t quit. You’ll never see me back down when I need to stand up. And I’ll feast on my stacked plate and drink my overflowing cup.

Knocked down but not knocked out.

The voices tried to write me off- it’s actually quite funny to me how the demons in my head don’t have a clue what I’m all about.


Won’t Tell

Valentine’s Day – the day of love and embracing the ones in our hearts.

Roses and charms – I think we all know how every cheesy romance story starts.

Me? No way! Not yet anyway, I’ll fall in love another day.

Watching wrestling and basketball.

Playing Mario Kart and writing my truths, as someone’s waiting for their sweetheart to call.

Do I have a crush? Of course! Will I tell? Of course not!

I rather just chill and know I’m loved by some already. Besides, it’s a long shot.

And as I chill, I remember that this crush of mine has been a long-time friend.

If I ever say otherwise to any of these things, I’m playing pretend.

I believe this crush to be too good for me and if we ever get together, then everything that seems impossible is certainly possible.


Domino Effect

Determined is a huge understatement for what I’m embracing.

Don’t dare say that I’m just determined or anything less. There is a fire fueling me, as my heart and my passion turns into an engine and it never stops racing.

Eager to grow and excited for the competition.

Wouldn’t recommend awaking the beast I’m becoming during meditation.

Domino effect, watch everything fall into place when the time is right.

A warrior ready to fight. I’m just another pawn, but I’m the one who defeated everyone starting with the knight.

Actually, please overlook me and put me in doubt.

In fact, I’m begging you because it’ll give me even more strength and you’ll quickly learn what I’m all about.


What About?

Most days I’m stressed out.

And sometimes I don’t even know what about.

It’s like a rainy day, but where’s the cloud?

Someone’s talking, but why do I hear no sound?

Like being in a crowded room, but no one’s around.

Emotions just get the best of me, but that’s not news to me.

I wish I knew every single thing distracting me, because right now I know it’s real but what is it? It just feels like make-believe.

Whatever it is, I wish I could make all these damn issues leave.



Gracie, a best friend- probably the best I’ll ever have. Never failed to put a smile on my face.

Thanks for the memories I’ll never erase.

Thanks for spreading positivity as I was in my dark place.

I named you after the word I thought of the moment I saw you for the first time – grace.

Thank you for being my best friend, the way you comforted me when I was down as you meowed and purred after a long day of resting.

You’re always in our hearts, you left us with memories featuring moments of joy – but never will I forget when our patience is what you would be testing.

You couldn’t have come into our lives more graceful. And for every memory of joy and happiness we shared we are all very grateful.


Farewell 2020

Welcome a new beginning, a dreadful year is finally ending.

We may have had some great personal moments at some point, but this year absolutely sucked so bad and I don’t even want a redo.

Because it would be so terrible, and tears would quickly fill up every single pool.

Resolutions on the mind, some more specific than being kind.

I hate 2020 with a passion for everything it brought upon the universe. I know I’m not the only one, but I wish 2021 can help heal – because my heart still hurts.

Must become a better person. Because despite debating with myself if I’m actually a good soul, some insist I’m a good person. But I always know there’s a better version.

Must find more pieces of myself, and those shall be found along with improving my mental health.

Must continue to march forward on my path to fulfill my destiny. Conquering and overcoming every obstacle on the way as I represent and fight for all I love – especially my friends and family.

2021, I’m ready for a new start.

2020, goodbye and screw you for messing with everybody’s heart.


Cup Of Tea

I want to fall in love, but not yet.

Never can find the right one, every time I hear that I deserve every great thing I get.

It maybe for the best that I’ve been going solo for this long.

Always questioning if I’m a good person or reminding myself that I belong.

If I deserve a love like those think I deserve, that person deserves my best and nothing less.

Been a part of so much drama, so many intrusive thoughts at times – some occasions I just call trauma.

I could blame myself and claim that I’m not good enough.

But what good is that? Besides I must stay true to my emotions – should never be ashamed of vulnerability and must never ever in weakness, pretend to be tough.

I may not know much about love nor be what some look for.

I’m still learning my worth, and honestly there’s lots more to learn – there’s absolutely no way I’ve heard or seen it all before.

No hard feelings, it’s all in the past- not tomorrow.

So why prevent my growth just to live miserably in sorrow?

I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

I know someone’s out there, and I know the time will come sooner or later for me.

PBE TV Poetry

The Poetic Carol

Merry Christmas to you from me!

I wish you a joyful holiday and to spread Christmas cheer with your friends and family.

We often say, “We can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” And this holiday season I’ve realized more than ever that love is what empowers us for every step of our journey to fulfill destiny.

The song is “POETIC CAROL” by yours truly, Parker Broome.
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Thanks for watching and listening! and…..

PBE TV Poetry

Holiday Spirit

Are you ready for the holidays?

Nothing like any other of the days.

Time to let it snow.

Perhaps tune into the town’s light show.

Maybe stand with the one you love under the mistletoe.

Awaiting the new year, but let’s celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Santa is coming to town, and I hear he and Rudolph are near.

And if you won’t, they’ll absolutely spread every bit of the holiday spirit and Christmas cheer.

Eat tons of gingerbread, and wear a festive hat on your head.

Christmas morning to Christmas night. What a beautiful feeling it is to be in that atmosphere with joy and love in your sight.


My Rules

Can’t be a rebel, if I make my own decisions.

I can speak for myself, but thanks for making me save my breath. I have my own visions.

Shouldn’t be, but it’s such a sensitive topic.

I just want to live where there’s beaches and swamps, and everything tropic.

It’s not like I’m disowning or leaving you out of my past, you all are still part of my family.

But everyone has their own destiny.

So I’m asking you to allow me to do what I must.

Because in the end its destiny or bust. I realized I no longer have to rebel against you if I make my own rules.

I can’t let them down, all I love are rooting for me. I can get knocked down, but can never lose.

I’m a villain but not one with the dark side, I’m one to plot to ensure victory for all I represent and those who are with me for the ride.

I’m a villain to show aggression to the evil opposing me. Did I even mention this is for my destiny?

I’m a hero, because every one plays the hero in their own story. I’ll be the one who won’t back down, so how ever you look at whether you see me as a villain or a hero I will be fulfilling destiny and the poet will write another poem for the story.