Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Motivation,Uplifting,Truth #5

“Moving on is one thing but finding someone to do that with is difficult. It comes to the point where you have to ask yourself who do you want to spend time with and love and why?”

“Love is something we all wish we have, but what does it mean if it has no meaningful reason for why we love them?”

“Even if it takes some time, eventually we will live our dreams as we inevitably prevail.”

“If you rise up to the challenge, just win because you will show the world that you’ll be willingly to do anything to live the dream.”

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Motivation,Uplifting,Truth #4

“Those who seek one’s forgiveness is one who wishes to live a life of peace.”

“The legends die but the stories they leave behind are immortal.”

“We can’t always escape the hard times, but we can always escape the sadness.”

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth #3

“To prove and to make a statement is much easier than execution, it will always be up to you find a way out of your sorrows and lead a revolution.”

“Hatred is never the answer but when the frustration and the failure haunts you that is when you bring out a side of yourself that you never knew ever existed.”

“Love is truly something to be cherished but if you never fell in love just know that your love story will be written for years to come.”

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Answers Wanted

What’s destiny without reality?

Because isn’t our reality based on the vision of the future that we ourselves can see?

What feelings are true?

Because lately it feels like most of them are blue.

I know that some hide from the truth, but can someone tell me something new?

Is it true that the greatest policy is honesty?

I’ve heard it before but people twist it use the truth as a mockery. So wouldn’t that mean the world’s greatest policy is dishonesty?

How can one be so egotisical?

They think they’re already legends and their lives are mythical. I don’t know why but why does everything have to be critical?

They say yesterday is in the past and today is a new day, isn’t ironic to hear it from the people who are always looking for something new to say?

How can one escape their undesired destiny if it was always their fate?

Some are destined to be heroes that we all appreciate and celebrate.

Some are destined to be villains who spread the hate.

Some are destined to be the “bad people” because of the those who discriminate.

If it the world ends today and we all come together with all of this sadness and madness among the world’s hatred and dishonesty, then unity would be lost and that is a true tragedy.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth #2

Release the beast out of it’s cage and embrace who you are, because if you know your true self then you’ll go far.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth #1

“Those who feel pain, and still put a smile on their face, are the same people who bring positive energy to make the world a happier place.” – Parker Broome

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Red Ribbon Week

This week Parker Broome Entertainment is proud to support Red Ribbon Week and all they do for people who look to move on from drug and alcohol abuse. PBE highly encourages you to support them and learn more about all they hope to accomplish with their campaign by going to