Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Why Wait?

The destiny that will be fulfilled is a story, and that story will have sequels.

It is a story because dreams became reality, even if they told you that you couldn’t in the prequels.

Happiness doesn’t only come from compassion.

It comes in all forms, imagine for just a second what joy and happiness will be felt when we pursue our passion.

I’ve had dreams at day and night that I never want to awake from as my slumber leaves my real life awaiting.

But then it hit me. What are you waiting for? When are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? Myself. WHY ARE YOU WAITING?

What could go wrong? I get knocked down? So what? I’ll brush the worthless specks of dirt off my shoulders with my head held high. I’ve heard doubts before, I will never quit – even if it takes becoming the very best around.

We all have a purpose, but when do we stand up and destroy this imaginary and unbreakable surface?

Work harder and harder because if we don’t know how much time we have in this life, why wait?

I’m tired of waiting, it’s just biting the doubter’s bait. Being destined is an invitation to life’s challenges, I could only ever speak for myself but I’m damn ready to participate.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Personal Mantra

Stop! You can’t change your past that’s the most impossible task.

Find it in yourself to move forward and look for forgiveness all you need to do is ask.

You mean well.

Just because you feel strange and everything feels so different now in the best yet worst ways possible doesn’t make your life a living hell.

Regret. Move on – learn from it and forget.

Vulnerability. It’s okay no one is going to hurt you, you are surrounded by love and understanding – you’re safe physically and mentally.

Don’t hide it, just embrace it.

No one’s perfect, look deep into yourself – do you really think you’re a beast in a colorful outfit?

You need to relax, what do you need to fear?

It’ll be okay, you are normal and you’re human because you have proven that you can indeed bleed and shed the occasional tear.

And that’s okay.

Destiny, destiny, destiny, destiny, destiny.

You can still do it your way, just recite the words you love to say.

Rise above! Rise above! Rise above! Rise above! Rise above!

You can still do it for your family, do it for the world, do it for you, but above all else do it for love.

The demons, the beasts, and the voices within you are here to make you stronger.

Don’t you dare give up! When you grow impatient and ask, “How much longer?”

Just remember all the work- it fuels you, but never shall it satisfy your hunger!

Go ahead and carry on.

Remember these words as you build your kingdom!

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


Stupid isn’t a big enough word to describe this mistake.

I didn’t like myself at all and I asked the question, “How much more can one take?”

That’s never the right question, the question is, “How do I move on and stop beating myself up over it?”

Because we all have something we wish we could erase forever and make it easier for us to forget.

And we all know that deep down, if we don’t find a way to forgive ourselves then forever we’ll be consumed by the feeling of regret.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


The land of the free and the home of the brave.

Yet, many innocent people have been forced to rest too early in their grave.

Freedom of speech.

But no one listens and pulls out the closest weapon in reach.

It’s Independence Day.

What are we celebrating? No change for the better? The continuation of racism? Homophobia? Sexism? Inequality? Are we supposed to celebrate yet another day with nothing changing its way?

This has been going on for too long with the red, white, and blue.

No matter who you are, this world was made for me and you.

Happy Fourth Of July…

And remember that freedom is supposed to given and it’s not something some billionaire’s money can buy.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Don’t Be Rude

Don’t be so rude dude.

I’m just trying to move past you.

Don’t mess with me because right now even I don’t know what I’ll do.

I beg your pardon mad’am.

I talked to your brother, what’s his name again? Isn’t Adam?

Anyways, I told him what I’m about to tell you because lately this saying plays in my head like an anthem.

Don’t be so bleeping rude.

I don’t care if you’re a girl or a dude.

It’s a not so nice thing to do.

I don’t care what you look like.

We all have different stories to tell and when we stand together in unity that would be the most beautiful sight.

I don’t care what’s your sexuality.

Because at the end of the day we all are going through something and it’s important to feel safe and not be judged on their personality.

Unity and equality.

Those are the words that immediately come to mind when one speaks of quantity and quality.

In this case, the more people around the world the better for all of mankind.

Because the world will keep turning but won’t be as beautiful as it could if the equality we need is still difficult for some to find.

I expect facing hatred coming from you, you should expect the same.

But if you judge someone based on who they are without knowing them, you shall feel nothing but constant guilt and shame.

So please sir, don’t be absurd.

Please mad’am, I beg your pardon.

And please dude, don’t be so bleeping rude.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth PBE TV Poetry

PBE 100

You haven’t seen anything yet.

I will show the world things that they won’t forget.

And if I don’t then may that be my deepest regret.

It’s nearing showtime, and I’ll be making headlines in no time.

I’ll be writing more poetry because I said before and I’ll say it again this is destiny.

Every beast has learned one way or another that they can’t stop the little boy from the southeast.

And every king and queen knows for a fact that I’ll do whatever it takes to live the dream.

The revolution began a long time ago, so my message to the world is to buckle up because you’re in for a show.


Message to the Parker Broome Entertainment Family.

This was all just a dream, if you were to tell me that I would have a website that has been noticed by people from around the world. I wouldn’t believe you, I’ll just think that it will all be in the “future” and here we are celebrating the 100th post in PBE History! It’s days like this that remind me that there is no time like the present and the future is now! With that being said, here’s to 100 posts going on to 100 more. And it’s days like this that makes me say, “PBE 4 F’N FOREVER BECAUSE WE ARE PBE”!!!!


Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Motivation,Uplifting,Truth #5

“Moving on is one thing but finding someone to do that with is difficult. It comes to the point where you have to ask yourself who do you want to spend time with and love and why?”

“Love is something we all wish we have, but what does it mean if it has no meaningful reason for why we love them?”

“Even if it takes some time, eventually we will live our dreams as we inevitably prevail.”

“If you rise up to the challenge, just win because you will show the world that you’ll be willingly to do anything to live the dream.”

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Motivation,Uplifting,Truth #4

“Those who seek one’s forgiveness is one who wishes to live a life of peace.”

“The legends die but the stories they leave behind are immortal.”

“We can’t always escape the hard times, but we can always escape the sadness.”

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth #3

“To prove and to make a statement is much easier than execution, it will always be up to you find a way out of your sorrows and lead a revolution.”

“Hatred is never the answer but when the frustration and the failure haunts you that is when you bring out a side of yourself that you never knew ever existed.”

“Love is truly something to be cherished but if you never fell in love just know that your love story will be written for years to come.”

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Answers Wanted

What’s destiny without reality?

Because isn’t our reality based on the vision of the future that we ourselves can see?

What feelings are true?

Because lately it feels like most of them are blue.

I know that some hide from the truth, but can someone tell me something new?

Is it true that the greatest policy is honesty?

I’ve heard it before but people twist it use the truth as a mockery. So wouldn’t that mean the world’s greatest policy is dishonesty?

How can one be so egotisical?

They think they’re already legends and their lives are mythical. I don’t know why but why does everything have to be critical?

They say yesterday is in the past and today is a new day, isn’t ironic to hear it from the people who are always looking for something new to say?

How can one escape their undesired destiny if it was always their fate?

Some are destined to be heroes that we all appreciate and celebrate.

Some are destined to be villains who spread the hate.

Some are destined to be the “bad people” because of the those who discriminate.

If it the world ends today and we all come together with all of this sadness and madness among the world’s hatred and dishonesty, then unity would be lost and that is a true tragedy.