Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Where To Put My Tears

Why don’t I cry into the river?

The stream taking my tears away from the snakes that betray and slither.

Why don’t I cry into the lake?

I’ve learned so many lessons, but how many times will I remind myself of every mistake.

Why don’t I cry in the ocean?

Sorry, I already drank all of your poison and now I have to go because I’m one of the chosen.

So why don’t I cry into the waterfall?

And make it feel like nothing bothers me at all.

Why don’t I cry in the rain?

Because it seems then that no one would notice the pain.

And after the rain falls, there comes a rainbow.

Illuminate the sky, everything will be alright – yes, I know.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


I won’t give up.

I will get up.

I won’t stand down.

I will stand my ground.

Step up or step aside.

I will never give in. I will forever win with the powers I hold within.


Love’s Way

Talking all day, hanging onto every word you say.

With shoulders to cry on, I’ll tell you that everything will be okay.

We live, laugh, and love together. Seems like we’ve found love’s way.

When love is true to the soul, the temptation isn’t one to resist.

Infecting you with a million doses of my affection, that is if you insist.

My love, that is if you exist.


Love For All

We shall stand together.

Embracing the truth that shall live forever.

Everyone is made to fulfill destiny.

Everyone deserves to live and love in a world of peace and harmony.

It all goes without saying, let there be peace.

Rise above the hate, regardless of one’s beliefs.

Regardless of one’s appearance, and together we can cherish and embrace a world of peace.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

A Letter To The Past

To: 2015

From: 2022

Just take it a day at a time.

Those words can cut deep, but it’s pain that won’t make you bleed.

Everything will be fine.

Promise you’ll never stop believing.

Promise that you’ll fight, never stop breathing.

Take it a day at a time.

Relax and unwind, there’s still peace and glory left for you to find.

Everything will be alright.

Just promise that you’ll still fight.

A tear from your eye.

Don’t listen, don’t give in. Sometimes those thoughts never go away, no matter how hard you try.

If live is a war, then what are you fighting for?

Look within yourself, some battles aren’t worth fighting.

Can’t wait for you to meet your friends, and don’t forget about your family – they’re so inviting.

I know that you’ll come closer to destiny, isn’t that exciting?

I know times are hard, crying on the floor.

I know the bedroom door doesn’t work anymore.

Don’t you dare feel worthless, because you are so much more.

They try to drag you down and extinguish your flame.

Too strong to fall, the blaze is too much for them to tame.

And there are days when I feel like I spent a day in hell.

But trust me, eventually you break out of your shell.

Just take it a day at a time.

Just know that everything will be fine.

Promise that you’ll never stop believing.

Promise that’ll you still fight, never stop breathing.

I know you’re angry, and I know you’re sad.

Don’t give up, you’re going to love the glory I’ve had.

I know the end of the wars you’re fighting inside.

Just know that you’re right, there’s better days on the otherside.


Pecan Pie

You abandoned me, forced to free myself from your lie.

Trusting you? Hell, I loved you! I should’ve walked away, but I took your bait.

This time, words became ragged daggers, lies leading me to a betrayal from a self-proclaimed saint.

You left me fighting to survive, you meant for me to die.

Coward, I wish I could look at you dead center in the eye.

You turned your back on people you loved or I guess you never truly did. At least our friendship meant something to me, even if it wasn’t true.

I really loved you.

I’m a fool if I don’t know it by now, not everything is as sweet as pecan pie.


Burning Desire

There’s something about you.

Feeling this way that has no description. Must we label it?

If you love me, tell me how cool it is to love a fool.

If love’s a mystery, then let’s try to put the puzzle together – don’t we fit?

Giving you all my heart can give.

Hand in hand, we’re defying gravity.

A romantic force I see in your eyes burning like a wild fire.

Summoned by your voice to the love life I always wanted to live.

When our worlds collide, our powers grow stronger. A familiar feeling coursing our veins and hearts, destiny.

As we embrace within the wildfire, there’s no denying this love is our burning desire.



Oh mighty champion, I admire your power.

Oh mighty champion, I respect you. But your regin has met it’s final hour.

You and I are so different, but yet have so much in common. We both believe in fighting for the destiny.

But the biggest difference we have is you do it for your greed. I fight to be someone to be proud of for my friends and family.

Oh mighty champion, you’ve defeated many despite your blinded views.

Someone needs to defeat you, and I’m going to make sure you lose.

I have to win, and not only that – I have to embarrass the hell out of you.

Oh mighty champion, even with your impressive figure and legacy – you are nothing more than a prize fighter with many prizes to lose. I can see right through you.

You see, all I need to do is show up and I’ve already won.

You’re going to learn that I’m also a destined one.

You’re going to destroy me like the titan you are.

But you won’t put me away, I won’t stand down ever. Kick my ass all you want, I’ll survive and teach you that strength will only take you so far.

This truth is going to hurt inside.

With every bone you may break within me, I’ll notice your change of heart on the outside.

I have what you’re going to wish you had – compassion.

I’m not trying to change you, I’m here to stop you in destined fashion.

Oh mighty champion, make your move.

Let’s dance, I’m already in the groove.

And seeing you here puts me in the prizefighting type of mood.

I’m in the way of your path.

Let me feel your wrath!

It doesn’t change the victory I declare.

I’m telling you my hope will overpower your strength. With your strength destroying me and my hope eventually overcoming you, this fight will never be fair.

I don’t fear you and I don’t think you’re the same titan as you claim. So why don’t you bring me insufferable pain?

I know you don’t see fear in my eyes, all I see in your eyes is rage and worry. Have you acknowledged your demise?

Oh mighty champion, you seem angry. If only you had something or someone to take it out on.


At your expense, a new champion will rise.

I’ll bring the glory to all I love and we’ll celebrate my newest prize.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


The grass can only get greener and the lights can only get brighter.

The demons try to drag me under again, but I’m a believer and I’m a fighter.

Overcoming my demons and my dark side was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I couldn’t lose and after years of fighting against the evil, it seems with the combination of compassion, fury, and passion, I’ve finally won.

The sky isn’t the limit, past the moon I shall strive to rise.

Never will I forget the battles nor the scars they’ve brought me. But the lessons enabling my path for destiny, I’m growing stronger as I keep my eyes on every prize.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


I’m feeling great!

I just had to let you know right out of the gate.

I’m celebrating the wars I’ve won, and for the wars I’ll win – I’ve already started to celebrate.

I’m taking a sip of my own lemonade. Sorry not sorry, it tastes too good – as it should.

Don’t you ever think I won’t share.

So everyone raise your glasses high in the air.

And now a toast, a toast to our dreams and the victories we shall declare.

Here’s to chasing and fulfilling our destinies.

Here’s to becoming someone to be proud of for our friends and families.