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It’ll Pass

It’ll pass eventually.


No, it’ll pass most definitely.

Can’t you see that it’ll be if it’s destined to be?

The troubles facing you and me are only there for us to someday see more clearly.

I want to erase all of the negativity to live my life in full positivity.

I wish to live in a world of peace and harmony.

I wish you and me could live there together, sharing peace forever.

Because right now as much as I hate to complain.

It’s nearly driving me insane.

And as it seems, the stress and emotions hits through me like a freight train.

For the sake of my mental health, I wish to tell myself – that it shall pass eventually.


No, it will most definitely.

We got the power to fulfill our destiny.

We got the pen to write our story.

We got the power to stand in glory.

Represent what I stand for and all that knows me.

When it comes to tough times, I’ve heard a smile is a cure.

After all, how much stress should one endure?

Throw away the thoughts trying to prevent your greatness and confidence. Like those voices saying, “You’re going to do it? How can you be so sure?”

I can be so sure, because I’ve seen my own moments of glory occur.

Powers invested in me all in a pot, now I have to stir.

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THE 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF PARKER BROOME ENTERTAINMENT! STARTED ON NOVEMBER 3RD, 2018 AND IT’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE! I even remember when this place was called ,”Parker’s Pen”, for a while. I truly appreciate every one who views my work. Please know I love doing this it’s my dream, my passion, my destiny as I often say – and you all are apart of the journey. So thank you so much! Please excuse some of my vocabulary I got very passionate creating this special poem, and enjoy!

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Rent Free

You live in my mind, rent free.

You live in my heart, rent free.

I probably haven’t met you yet, but I still write how much you already mean to me.

I wish to see you soon and say that I love you to your heavenly face. Still, I’ll write all of it in verses of poetry.

You lift my spirits up just by being out there. Right now, you’re a lover with no name and I’m the same to you. Someday that’ll change – someday.

We’re out there in the world, hoping to find true love – but the heart always finds a way.


Someone’s Forever

Holding hands after a romantic movie.

Burgers and fries at the bowling alley.

Can’t wait for those days and nights.

Kissing as we shine under the streetlights.

Holding hands now with ice cream in the other.

Laying on the grass in the park, looking up to the stars. Talking about how we belong together.

I believe in destiny, I believe in all having a true love story.

I believe in you and me.

When we meet one day, it’d be that moment when we start going on to live happily ever after.

The story grows every day, and I’ll be loving you more and more as we write every word of every chapter.

I’m dreaming of being someone’s forever.

And as I awake, I always think the same message to myself – never say never.


Promise Me

There I was, sitting by the stream.

Tossing pebbles, wondering what else needs to be seen.

I got my destiny and I’m writing my story.

But what else is meant for me?

If I go down this road, promise me my heart will be filled with joy and peace.

Promise me that even through hell, I make out in one piece.

Joy of laughter.

The happiness of living happily ever after.

I’m hoping I see you there.

Promise me that you’ll still care.

I’m looking down the stream.

The wind brushes the trees to a path, but what does it mean?

I got my destiny and I’m writing my story.

I guess I’ll just wait and see.

On my way to making history.

But won’t you promise that you’ll be there with me?


No Trouble In Paradise

Welcome to the tropical paradise. Here on this island, you’ll stay on a resort with a pool near the beach.

The most expensive drinks served not far from your reach.

Exotic expeditions much to your excitement.

Dinner and a show every night for your enjoyment.

Care for a smoothie? Coconut or mango?

May I have this dance? How about the tango?

Scuba diving to the great barrier reef.

The waters just fine! Not too warm, not too cold. What a relief!

From your room’s view, you see a whale.

You have to leave? What a whale of a tale!

In paradise, if you look for great times – you’ll never fail.

You’re welcome to return anytime you like.

Promise me that although this is paradise, don’t end the fun after your flight.


Whoever I Shall Love

Maybe I don’t know who on earth you are?

But I know I’ll be in my feelings like I have been. If you’re someone I met, help a friend, or old enemy, catch his breath. Your presence left me with no air.

It’s not like I had anything to tell you – I was speechless, hoping the moment was endless.

Anyways….I probably look nervous, more than a deer in the night.

Hoping you ignore me when I’m awkward, like when I wonder about your height.

You have to be tall, because I keep selling myself short.

As you can see I’m not really that good at this type of thing. Do you play tennis or basketball? Handball? Because now you have two meanings when I say the ball’s in your court.


Ring The Bell

Making my entrance, the tension is about to explode.

Going face to face with you, we’re about to go.

Roar of the crowd, it’s louder than loud.

Approaching the ring with pride and adrenaline, I’ll beat you because times like this are the moments I thrive in.

For greatness, I’m all always striving.

Like a shooting star, I’ll be shining.

You possess a championship over your shoulder and you raise it over your head for all to see.

You’re feeling bold, I admire it. But you’re getting cocky.

News flash champ, you’re not going through me.

Risking it all against you, diving off the top rope.

No holds barred. The steel of the chairs and crashing through tables. Maybe it’ll break parts of me, but never my hope.

The bell rings. I fight you.

I’ll be bruised and beaten, but you’re not any different from the hell I’ve pushed through.

1,2,3. The bell rings again. I defeated you.

Raising it high over my head, closing my eyes to the feeling of glory and hearing the crowd cheer and boo. I’m the champion now. You’re embarrassment known as your defeat taught you that I’m destined for the gold.

As I hope I make them all proud, I shall forever defend this symbol of destiny I now hold.



I’m eating all the steak and baby-back ribs off my plate.

Tasting glory. I’ve remembered the flavor for a long time now. But is it too early or perhaps too cocky to celebrate?

A sip of my beverage – the victory gin.

Or based on occasion, the tears of the negative ones and demons.

A toast for the wars I’ll always and forever win.

A side of caesar salad and rolls.

Born ready to kick some ass, and it shows.

How do you stop my hunger?

I leave the scene speechless, but I’m inviting you to wonder