Oh mighty champion, I admire your power.

Oh mighty champion, I respect you. But your regin has met it’s final hour.

You and I are so different, but yet have so much in common. We both believe in fighting for the destiny.

But the biggest difference we have is you do it for your greed. I fight to be someone to be proud of for my friends and family.

Oh mighty champion, you’ve defeated many despite your blinded views.

Someone needs to defeat you, and I’m going to make sure you lose.

I have to win, and not only that – I have to embarrass the hell out of you.

Oh mighty champion, even with your impressive figure and legacy – you are nothing more than a prize fighter with many prizes to lose. I can see right through you.

You see, all I need to do is show up and I’ve already won.

You’re going to learn that I’m also a destined one.

You’re going to destroy me like the titan you are.

But you won’t put me away, I won’t stand down ever. Kick my ass all you want, I’ll survive and teach you that strength will only take you so far.

This truth is going to hurt inside.

With every bone you may break within me, I’ll notice your change of heart on the outside.

I have what you’re going to wish you had – compassion.

I’m not trying to change you, I’m here to stop you in destined fashion.

Oh mighty champion, make your move.

Let’s dance, I’m already in the groove.

And seeing you here puts me in the prizefighting type of mood.

I’m in the way of your path.

Let me feel your wrath!

It doesn’t change the victory I declare.

I’m telling you my hope will overpower your strength. With your strength destroying me and my hope eventually overcoming you, this fight will never be fair.

I don’t fear you and I don’t think you’re the same titan as you claim. So why don’t you bring me insufferable pain?

I know you don’t see fear in my eyes, all I see in your eyes is rage and worry. Have you acknowledged your demise?

Oh mighty champion, you seem angry. If only you had something or someone to take it out on.


At your expense, a new champion will rise.

I’ll bring the glory to all I love and we’ll celebrate my newest prize.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


The grass can only get greener and the lights can only get brighter.

The demons try to drag me under again, but I’m a believer and I’m a fighter.

Overcoming my demons and my dark side was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I couldn’t lose and after years of fighting against the evil, it seems with the combination of compassion, fury, and passion, I’ve finally won.

The sky isn’t the limit, past the moon I shall strive to rise.

Never will I forget the battles nor the scars they’ve brought me. But the lessons enabling my path for destiny, I’m growing stronger as I keep my eyes on every prize.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


I’m feeling great!

I just had to let you know right out of the gate.

I’m celebrating the wars I’ve won, and for the wars I’ll win – I’ve already started to celebrate.

I’m taking a sip of my own lemonade. Sorry not sorry, it tastes too good – as it should.

Don’t you ever think I won’t share.

So everyone raise your glasses high in the air.

And now a toast, a toast to our dreams and the victories we shall declare.

Here’s to chasing and fulfilling our destinies.

Here’s to becoming someone to be proud of for our friends and families.

Poetry Tales Of PBE

No Time To Freeze

With hearts colder than ice, we reach the tip of the iceberg.

Seeking warmth is no use with endless sheets of snow.

Sensing betrayal, we stare at each other like the lone wolves we are. My battle cry I fear wasn’t heard.

Through the dead of winter, we implode below the aurora’s glow.

Who will survive? Who will thrive?

No time to freeze, I shall not become frozen.

Only time to seize, following destiny’s call – for I am chosen!


Holiday Glory

Keeping warm with all the blankets I can find.

Looking at the tree to figure out which gifts are mine.

A plate of Christmas cookies and hot coco for all.

Enticed by the presents underneath the tree and the stockings hanging on the wall.

Keeping warm with every blanket I can find.

Looking again at the gifts wondering which are mine.

Snow falling to the ground to create a winter wonderland, I wish it was Christmas today.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and may there be glory for all on this glorious holiday!


Code Red

I should’ve known from the start.

You would try to tear me apart.

Broken spirit and a broken heart.

You words are like wounds turned into scars.

I’m so fucking sorry my back hurt your knifes.

And I’m so sorry for myself, for loving you without thinking twice.

Mom and dad, you were right – I should’ve took your advice.

I see you, I’m calling for code red.

Crying myself to rest in bed.

Sometimes I can’t get those memories out of my head.

And I always wonder if I lost my mind.

I ask myself that from time to time.

Never had an answer or maybe I always did.

My breath, my love, my life, my blood. They’ll never be yours to bid.


It apparently takes one play, because I’ve been played.

Feeling rage boiling within as I remember all the lies and false hopes you said.

Thanks for making me feel sorry for what you made me feel after everything. Leaving me with no choice but to call code red.


No Mistletoe Needed

This Chirstmas, may I wish for your kiss?

Love in the air with no mistletoe.

A romance between us that we’ll leave to the fat man in the red suit to decide if we’re on the naughty or nice list.

I guess what I’m saying is I want to see if your heart is warmer than the fireplace, or colder than snow.

Crashing through the winter wonderland on a worrisome but wholesome sleigh ride.

Tell me with our love in mind, where do you wish to go?

I’ll go there with you, always. Loving each other, by each other’s side.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Isle Of Hope

Seeing light through a cloud.

The glimpse of the bright sky, it speaks to me with no words and it sure is loud.

Where am I? Great question. Let me get back to whoever desires to know.

Resting my head under the twilight’s glow.

Days go by so fast in this dimension where nothing seems to bother me.

I see my visions, I see a clear path to destiny.

I see friends, I see family.

I see my old sword, I see my truths. I prepare to write another.

I write about my greatest desires, the glory, peace, love, and the search of a true lover.

My dreams is what I live. A life of peace and love.

All the demons are slayed by me, the Villain. They rest miserably below, as I embrace loved ones who rest above.

No hate, no war.

Just love, love galore.

Vibes that are hard to ignore.

I’m wishing someone special comes to join me in this beautiful world I’m blessed to be seeing.

Someone who also wishes to turn hopeless romantics to a hopeful future. Ah, it must be such a magical feeling.

A place for all to live and celebrate life in harmony and cope.

Whatever it is, know there’s nothing but the bright side on the isle of hope.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

It’ll Pass

It’ll pass eventually.


No, it’ll pass most definitely.

Can’t you see that it’ll be if it’s destined to be?

The troubles facing you and me are only there for us to someday see more clearly.

I want to erase all of the negativity to live my life in full positivity.

I wish to live in a world of peace and harmony.

I wish you and me could live there together, sharing peace forever.

Because right now as much as I hate to complain.

It’s nearly driving me insane.

And as it seems, the stress and emotions hits through me like a freight train.

For the sake of my mental health, I wish to tell myself – that it shall pass eventually.


No, it will most definitely.

We got the power to fulfill our destiny.

We got the pen to write our story.

We got the power to stand in glory.

Represent what I stand for and all that knows me.

When it comes to tough times, I’ve heard a smile is a cure.

After all, how much stress should one endure?

Throw away the thoughts trying to prevent your greatness and confidence. Like those voices saying, “You’re going to do it? How can you be so sure?”

I can be so sure, because I’ve seen my own moments of glory occur.

Powers invested in me all in a pot, now I have to stir.

Motivation, Uplifting, Truth PBE TV Poetry


THE 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF PARKER BROOME ENTERTAINMENT! STARTED ON NOVEMBER 3RD, 2018 AND IT’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE! I even remember when this place was called ,”Parker’s Pen”, for a while. I truly appreciate every one who views my work. Please know I love doing this it’s my dream, my passion, my destiny as I often say – and you all are apart of the journey. So thank you so much! Please excuse some of my vocabulary I got very passionate creating this special poem, and enjoy!