Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

The Fight Will Never End

They’re going to remember I’m unforgettable.

Don’t blame me. Blame all I love along with family. They’re responsible.

Don’t hate on them. Hate on me. I’m unstoppable.

Dreamt and fought for glory. I know anything is possible.

Fighting for love, she makes me feel invincible.

Hard times have come and go, sometimes I felt invisible.

Sometimes I was just miserable.

The pain was visble.

The story is unpredictable.

Only spoiler is I’m going to keep rising. But that was way too predictable.

I’m going to keep on rising.

Do it for the glory, got to keep striving.

If life’s a highway. Buckle up, because I’m driving.

Rear view mirror.

The visions keep getting clearer.

Maybe I’m a fool, but don’t mess with a dreamer.

Don’t question a believer.

I believe I’m going full speed ahead.

No highway bothers me if I keep taking the high road. I remember when all these demons wanted me dead.

Messing with my head.

Now we’re headed to the bakery to get this bread.

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