Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Sacred Love


I want to build something sacred.

No, I don’t want to skip to the part where we can’t naked.

Have you heard of fake love? Well, anyone can fake it.

Just keep shooting your shot, and one day you’ll make it.

Trust is a must.

I need to know if there could ever be something between us.

I want to embrace our embrace.

Take you out on dates.

We can be soulmates, let’s fall in love like there’s no more time to waste.

I’m so into you, if you’re unaware.

My heart has been like a flame on fire since the dawn of my time, beware.

I love the way you care.

I love the vibe we share.

Often fooled by the power of romance, but this feeling is so rare.

I want to fall in your arms. The key to my heart at your fingertips.

Crying tears of joy, I create a whole new ocean. Don’t you see the waves and paradise bound cruise ships?

Take you on a journey to the center of my heart, I can feel your inviting gaze deep in my soul.

What happens when hearts collide? Is there more power invested in us? Our love would simply be out of control.

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