Code Red

I should’ve known from the start.

You would try to tear me apart.

Broken spirit and a broken heart.

Your words are like wounds turned into scars.

I’m so fucking sorry my back hurt your knifes.

And I’m so sorry for myself, for loving you without thinking twice.

Mom and dad, you were right – I should’ve took your advice.

I see you, I’m calling for code red.

Crying myself to rest in bed.

Sometimes I can’t get those memories out of my head.

And I always wonder if I lost my mind.

I ask myself that from time to time.

Never had an answer, or maybe I always did.

My breath, my love, my life, my blood. They’ll never be yours to bid.


It apparently takes one play, because I’ve been played.

Feeling rage boiling within as I remember all the lies and false hopes you said.

Thanks for making me feel sorry for what you made me feel after everything. Leaving me with no choice but to call code red.

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