Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Isle Of Hope

Seeing light through a cloud.

The glimpse of the bright sky, it speaks to me with no words and it sure is loud.

Where am I? Great question. Let me get back to whoever desires to know.

Resting my head under the twilight’s glow.

Days go by so fast in this dimension where nothing seems to bother me.

I see my visions, I see a clear path to destiny.

I see friends, I see family.

I see my old sword, I see my truths. I prepare to write another.

I write about my greatest desires, the glory, peace, love, and the search of a true lover.

My dreams is what I live. A life of peace and love.

All the demons are slayed by me, the Villain. They rest miserably below, as I embrace loved ones who rest above.

No hate, no war.

Just love, love galore.

Vibes that are hard to ignore.

I’m wishing someone special comes to join me in this beautiful world I’m blessed to be seeing.

Someone who also wishes to turn hopeless romantics to a hopeful future. Ah, it must be such a magical feeling.

A place for all to live and celebrate life in harmony and cope.

Whatever it is, know there’s nothing but the bright side on the isle of hope.

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