Ring The Bell

Making my entrance, the tension is about to explode.

Going face to face with you, we’re about to go.

Roar of the crowd, it’s louder than loud.

Approaching the ring with pride and adrenaline, I’ll beat you because times like this are the moments I thrive in.

For greatness, I’m all always striving.

Like a shooting star, I’ll be shining.

You possess a championship over your shoulder and you raise it over your head for all to see.

You’re feeling bold, I admire it. But you’re getting cocky.

News flash champ, you’re not going through me.

Risking it all against you, diving off the top rope.

No holds barred. The steel of the chairs and crashing through tables. Maybe it’ll break parts of me, but never my hope.

The bell rings. I fight you.

I’ll be bruised and beaten, but you’re not any different from the hell I’ve pushed through.

1,2,3. The bell rings again. I defeated you.

Raising it high over my head, closing my eyes to the feeling of glory and hearing the crowd cheer and boo. I’m the champion now. You’re embarrassment known as your defeat taught you that I’m destined for the gold.

As I hope I make them all proud, I shall forever defend this symbol of destiny I now hold.

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