Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

Dream and Fulfill

I dream then I fulfill, I’m living by the destined way.

I knew that I wouldn’t be the one to work while they all play.

I made it because of love and all who believed.

Still alive because they threw their stones and the next day I still breathed.

With the success and glory, I remember the wars that made me bleed.

Laugh at the demonic forces I’ve defeated.

I spoke of destiny and with my wrath, everyone knows that I will always mean it.

My undying confidence has spoken again and the warrior further marches through the storm.

Never alone, because love and glory keeps him warm.

The rain won’t rust the armor he’s always worn.

The sword enhances at the strike of lightning and thunder.

Raising it high to the sky for he continues to dream and wonder.

The warrior is forever eager for a battle.

He won’t give in, he’s come too far on this path he’s destined to travel.

And still he shall carry on with power of will. Because he lives and fights by the destined way – dream and fulfill.

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