Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry

For The Destiny

I’m victorious.

Didn’t need to predict it, because when the destiny handed me my sword and armor. It was clear I’ll be victorious.

I won’t stop, I didn’t want to just prove what I already knew.

My journey is like a buffet, always something added to the menu.

This proved more than ever that everyone is destined including me and you.

Why are we apart of this universe? We are all worthy, so tell me about your story. Embrace the glory.

Now let me chant my words that bring me peace and motivation – for the destiny.

For the destiny, for the loved ones who also love me.

For the destiny, closer to the visions I’ve always seen clearly.

For the destiny, fight forever and prove the obvious – we are worthy.

For the destiny, I shall become who I desire to be.

For the destiny, I succeed and carry on as I acknowledge my glory.

For the destiny, life is meant to have a life-long story.

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