Motivation, Uplifting, Truth Poetry


Who would I be if I don’t believe?

I have an all almighty feeling in my soul, who is it I become if that sensation started to leave?

Often my words appear cocky as I speak a big game.

It’s just unapologetic confidence, won’t say sorry for wanting to fulfill my dreams – living a roller coaster of a life as the world learns my name.

I won’t apologize. I refuse to say sorry, for the visions I realize.

Family and friends, they stand with me.

They may not know my destiny like I do, but they believe when I say it’s meant to be.

I’ve won wars I hate recalling. Each time I prove that the opposing demons can bleed.

And they did. Why? Because I believe!

I been to my lowest of lows.

In my head it’s a confrontation that went to blows.

I know I’ll win, that’s how this story goes!

So no one, and absolutely no one tells me I’ll fail. Because this is my destiny!

My prophecy!

My story!

I believe in this life some would refer to as a fantasy, better yet I believe in me.

Just to be clear, I’m going to do glorious things and for that I’ll never be sorry.

Sincerely, me.

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