Gold Blood

It’s going to be a big day.

A poet steps up into the gaze of destiny, throw the nerves through the window – allow the passion to stay.

Fight like I’ve never fought before.

Handicap myself if it means to kick the hinges off the door.

Immediately rise up and march on, preparing for my moment as I stomp passionately and shake the floor.

Powered by friends and family.

Their love uplifts me.

Powered by the prophecies and my story.

Every battle scar will bleed gold as I embrace my glory.

A chance to prove this life is meant for be.

The destiny is screaming my name – Parker Broome! I already have a long life story, but know I will be writing this chapter not just for everyone and thing I love. I need this for me.

It’ll be glorious, a destined champion crowned – victorious.

Coming in hot like a freight train, no one knows how many visions I’ve seen in my brain.

Just thinking of it makes me happier than ever.

A rush of adrenaline I haven’t felt in forever.

I refer to it as a war, well I’m a warrior of a dreamer – I’m always going to want more.

I just feel bad for those who have to reinforce the door.

I look at myself, as a champion and I turn to my demons and the villain. We remember all the cool kids on the bus.

We survived when we thought we wouldn’t, so what in any realm will ever stop us?

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