The lights blinded me, nearly.

But the shine of a recharged phone or the sight of the lamp and hallway combining their shine as one, ironically that’s when I could see clearly.

I was afraid of my closet.

There’s a monster approaching my bed tonight! No, breathe! It’s only tomorrow’s outfit.

Dreams to me feel lucid.

One night I awake from monsters with relief. The next I awake from romance to be reminded I’m yet to meet cupid.

Sweet dreams, confusing stories playing like a film in my head, I never understand what it all means.

Sleep tight, close my eyes and think happy thoughts as I remove these hallucinations of the night out of my sight.

Good morning, strange dreams with wild scenarios but it’s a new day -every thing is going to be alright.

It doesn’t matter if I’m happy or upset, because every day there’s a mystery of what it all meant.

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