Intersecting Paths

Feeling unstoppable feels too good.

Want to face me? If you want to be a champion – you probably should.

Thinking you will defeat me, if only you could.

Not putting you down for the count or in doubt.

It’s never over until it’s over, and facing me you’re going to learn what that’s all about.

Yet another intersection of paths and stories of destined souls with a story.

Who’s going to prevail? Short answer, me.

Not immortal, just a dude.

But be careful that you don’t overlook that, I’d be so quick to show you a different attitude.

What I learned about me and my life, I always get back up and slap the devil across the face without thinking twice.

What makes me a champion? Passion and pride.

Love and the grueling times of smiling on the outside as I was crying in the inside.

And if it gets too crazy I lift tons of weights, because a challenge is when my inner beast awakes.

You have powers like that, we both are well aware.

So let’s party, I hardly believe our paths are intersecting so we can just stare.

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