Coming Through

You want to act tough, but you aren’t ready to play rough.

Not with me anyway, I’ll beat you on your best and my worst day.

Confidence can be misleading.

But it’s an unspoken power saying that I never stop believing.

You know what’s up – it’s going down.

You know that your best won’t be enough, the perfect storm is rumbling and hits the ground.

Want to challenge me? Then go ahead and say it to my face.

You run your mouth faster than a cheetah, but you’re slower than a snail. So I’ll love to watch you try to beat me in a race.

You seem like a nice person, so you finish last while I get first place.

I’m not cocky nor lucky, I’m skilled.

Maybe I might, no I will.

I’m going to keep running on this path and if you’re the one I need to pass then guess what I’m going to do. I’m getting closer and closer so excuse me, pardon me – I’m coming through.

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