Won’t Tell

Valentine’s Day – the day of love and embracing the ones in our hearts.

Roses and charms – I think we all know how every cheesy romance story starts.

Me? No way! Not yet anyway, I’ll fall in love another day.

Watching wrestling and basketball.

Playing Mario Kart and writing my truths, as someone’s waiting for their sweetheart to call.

Do I have a crush? Of course! Will I tell? Of course not!

I rather just chill and know I’m loved by some already. Besides, it’s a long shot.

And as I chill, I remember that this crush of mine has been a long-time friend.

If I ever say otherwise to any of these things, I’m playing pretend.

I believe this crush to be too good for me and if we ever get together, then everything that seems impossible is certainly possible.

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