Farewell 2020

Welcome a new beginning, a dreadful year is finally ending.

We may have had some great personal moments at some point, but this year absolutely sucked so bad and I don’t even want a redo.

Because it would be so terrible, and tears would quickly fill up every single pool.

Resolutions on the mind, some more specific than being kind.

I hate 2020 with a passion for everything it brought upon the universe. I know I’m not the only one, but I wish 2021 can help heal – because my heart still hurts.

Must become a better person. Because despite debating with myself if I’m actually a good soul, some insist I’m a good person. But I always know there’s a better version.

Must find more pieces of myself, and those shall be found along with improving my mental health.

Must continue to march forward on my path to fulfill my destiny. Conquering and overcoming every obstacle on the way as I represent and fight for all I love – especially my friends and family.

2021, I’m ready for a new start.

2020, goodbye and screw you for messing with everybody’s heart.

2 replies on “Farewell 2020”

Hey Parker!

Let me assure you that you do have a good soul, but I agree, we can always strive to be even better versions of ourselves! So here’s to wishing you lots of prosperity, good vibes, happiness, and safety! I hope you manage to calm your inner turmoil and get to achieve all you want!

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