Cup Of Tea

I want to fall in love, but not yet.

Never can find the right one, every time I hear that I deserve every great thing I get.

It maybe for the best that I’ve been going solo for this long.

Always questioning if I’m a good person or reminding myself that I belong.

If I deserve a love like those think I deserve, that person deserves my best and nothing less.

Been a part of so much drama, so many intrusive thoughts at times – some occasions I just call trauma.

I could blame myself and claim that I’m not good enough.

But what good is that? Besides I must stay true to my emotions – should never be ashamed of vulnerability and must never ever in weakness, pretend to be tough.

I may not know much about love nor be what some look for.

I’m still learning my worth, and honestly there’s lots more to learn – there’s absolutely no way I’ve heard or seen it all before.

No hard feelings, it’s all in the past- not tomorrow.

So why prevent my growth just to live miserably in sorrow?

I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

I know someone’s out there, and I know the time will come sooner or later for me.

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