My Rules

Can’t be a rebel, if I make my own decisions.

I can speak for myself, but thanks for making me save my breath. I have my own visions.

Shouldn’t be, but it’s such a sensitive topic.

I just want to live where there’s beaches and swamps, and everything tropic.

It’s not like I’m disowning or leaving you out of my past, you all are still part of my family.

But everyone has their own destiny.

So I’m asking you to allow me to do what I must.

Because in the end its destiny or bust. I realized I no longer have to rebel against you if I make my own rules.

I can’t let them down, all I love are rooting for me. I can get knocked down, but can never lose.

I’m a villain but not one with the dark side, I’m one to plot to ensure victory for all I represent and those who are with me for the ride.

I’m a villain to show aggression to the evil opposing me. Did I even mention this is for my destiny?

I’m a hero, because every one plays the hero in their own story. I’ll be the one who won’t back down, so how ever you look at whether you see me as a villain or a hero I will be fulfilling destiny and the poet will write another poem for the story.

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