Heart In A Cornucopia

Grateful – for everything in my life that’s happened or yet to occur.

Thankful – for the ones I love including those with the colorful fur.

Grateful and thankful, can’t we all just silence the hateful?

The day awaits for turkey to be set on the table – this feast will never stop being plentiful.

How can I forget that when you arrive, the good times gets better and more fun begins to start.

What a time to be festive, it appears you have brought a cornucopia and inside rests my heart.

With the holidays love is in the air more than ever.

So together let’s create unforgettable memories we’ll cherish forever.

Going to have some good times, yes indeed- as I watch the parade and celebrate unity.

Because when this is all over, there’s seats at the table for you and me.

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