Destiny Calls

Destiny calls every night and day.

Listening to the voice and hanging on the words it’ll forever say.

“Build your kingdom. You trapped your true colors it’s about time you freed them. You inner demons are too hungry, how often do you feed them?”

And the truth is, I can’t help it but to seem ruthless.

I wake up every day from my dreams saying,”I’m ready to do this.”

To this day I feel I’ve waited too long, I can do big things and you’ll never know how long I knew it.

The presence of a champion is what I’ll present.

Love, passion, desire is what I represent.

I’ll go down in history and make it impossible for you to forget.

Because if I don’t I’d be filled with regret.

A constant reminder that I didn’t fight until I had nothing left.

Destiny calls and says it’s time to put myself to the test.

So legend I shall be – that’s the new mentality.

Never back down – that’s the champion in me.

You don’t have to understand me, just know I was called by destiny.

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