Alive And Well

It’s a rainy day – a dark cloud on your face, your tears falling all over the place.

Things aren’t what they were, never what’s supposed to be. Asking yourself, “Why does everything bad always happen to me?”

It feels like a tragedy, you have so many thoughts but never let them free.

So what if I told you that if things aren’t the same, you aren’t the one to blame?

Thoughts always running through my brain faster than a freight train.

What if I told you that I can never know your pain? But I know what it’s like to feel insane.

What if I told you that everything’s gonna be alright?

Be the warrior I always thought you could be and fight.

I know you’re in pain but it’s never too late to make it right.

Because I know you’re not perfect, but it doesn’t make you worthless.

So rise up to the edge where you fell, and scream to the world “I’M ALIVE AND WELL!”

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