A silent place.

A familiar face.

I’m still breathing, always breathing.

If I can’t defeat the undefeated, then I must destroy it. I will never lose my hope – you’ll have to break in every way imaginable to make me stop believing.

Surrounded by the fears that intrude my mind.

I don’t forget much but make no mistake about it – I plan to win and leave it all behind.

No matter how many times it tries to write me off my own story. I will be always be right there attacking it to regain all of the glory.

Struggling as I’m sick and paranoid.

Fatigued and easily annoyed.

I have my fair share of highs and lows. And this was both, but emphasis on the “low”.

It better be ready for the big fight, because it’s time to resume the show.

March on to the battlefield in the dark.

Victory and redemption on the mind, both sides ready to tear each other apart.

It’s time for me to end this, you call yourself anxiety and you’ve built this nightmare of a ghost town.

And now it’s time to burn it down.

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