Romance’s Favorite Team

Still loving you as I lay here- dreaming of you, I was nearly frozen and morphed into the iceberg.

You were the flame from the sun, melting the ice to set me free from the depths of this forsaken place – I cried for help so many times, forever grateful that it was you who finally heard.

You were trapped in the middle of somewhere unknown. Didn’t look down and didn’t dare to look up.

I was the writing on an ancient map – you set yourself free by reading me, your visit on that hell on earth was surely abrupt.

Dreaming about each other sharing an adventure they call romance – not for nothing, but I’d love you even if we went bankrupt.

The odds are that I haven’t met you yet, and time keeps running as I give you my fair warning about me.

I’m on the road to destiny.

You could and you should go with me.

Victory would feel much better with you next to me.

Love in New York to Paris, just think of the places we’d see.

I dream what you think, and you think what I dream.

So when do we get our wake-up call and become romance’s favorite team.

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