Love Is Everything

I can’t give it up, it just means too much to me.

This love makes me feel closer to destiny.

How can you expect me to throw it all away?

If I were to run from it, do you honestly expect me to be okay?

I’m stubborn and I blame you, because people like you made me this way.

Yet I thank you, because it puts more meaning into what I say.

It may not be much to you, but it’s way better to play a game for three than to play a game for two.

Up and down we went into the light and the darkness, and knowing their by my side I can easily rest.

Even when I’m cornered – my back against the wall.

Vulnerable and helpless, they answered the call.

They accepted me like no one else ever did in those days.

Now three friends got to go separate ways.

This will not be how our story ends.

Because I love you my friends.

So no, I can’t just walk away- unless I was just too blind to see that it means too much to me.

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