Mr. Demon

I’m slow dancing with a demon – the very same one who haunts me to this day.

The very same one who remembers the things that I used to say.

The very same one who made me question if everything was going to be okay.

Well Mr. Demon, I’ve never been, I’ve only dreamed of this place – will you show me the way?

The house around us is burning down with memories of what I call the truth.

Memories of the present and the past filled with my days of youth.

Mr. Demon, tell me what do you see among the flame?

Do you see the reflection of the one I used to blame?

What do you see under the stars?

Do you see a world that offers destiny that can only be ours?

What do you see on every battle scar?

Do you see what you’ve done, do you realize that we both went too far?

It’s okay, I forgive you. It’s my fault, I never trusted you.

Now with you, I continue to dream everything we will do.

Look into my soul, the very same one you desire.

What do you see? Do you see everything that ignites the fire?

You make me hate, you make me love, you make me better.

And I made you realize your true power and now you live like time’s running out but life lasts forever.

Slow dancing with you, Mr. Demon tonight, makes me feel nervous but I love the feeling.

Now I must go return to the world where I’m only still dreaming.

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