The Picture An Angel Drew

Would you like to go for a ride?

Through the fields of roses and the sunshine, as that special feeling that nearly stops the world – so one can realize they are beautiful on the outside just as they are in the inside.

I sent an angel to watch over you.

They always come back and say angels don’t watch other angels – it’s not rocket science to me, in fact it’s been the truth and I always knew.

Can you see right through me with those portals to heaven you call eyes -that I talk the talk, but when it comes to love I get too shy?

Money isn’t power, money isn’t true love. Money isn’t greatness. So I’ll bet it all on you.

I can’t figure it out. Is true love based on the passion or pride or is it a picture that angels like you drew.?

Either way now I must watch where I’m stepping. Because I am not a religious man, but you have me looking up into the heavens.

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