If I’m so blind, then why can I see right through you?

I’ll give you credit, you took me past my limits and changed most of my ways and I don’t think you even knew.

But the way you did it – not only is it unforgivable, what you did was despicable.

I won in the end, you couldn’t have been more arrogant to know I would be able to overcome you. Because after a while all your bullshit became predictable.

You said I was like your brother? If that ain’t further from the truth then what really is considered as a lie?

You claim to not want help but ask me to give you it and I did that as I slowly realized that what we had would die.

I would’ve thanked you for the memories. I would’ve been there for you. Hell, we would’ve been brothers like I used to believe!

But when things got rough, you stab me and the ones you love most in the back. But what did you do exactly, you wrote a fictional story, where you were the victim who’s fight back through nonstop tragedies.

You scared the life out of me. You woke up something in me, that I don’t think I’ll put to rest. So thank you for making me become the bigger man, thank you for making me a better person, thank you for teaching me once more what fake love looks like, and FUCK YOU for EVERYTHING else you’ve done to me.

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