Orange Groves

Swinging on the tire swing.

Listening to the melody and begin to sing.

Driving past the orange groves.

Following the road just to see where it goes.

Perhaps a new adventure under the sun?

Or a brand new day spent in the open fields where I run?

It feels like home because it’s the most beloved placed my heart has ever known.

The smell of the citrus fruits.

Thinking of all the good times with me and you.

But there’s so much more that I must pursue.

Getting a tan at the beach.

Being with family that’s in reach.

Cooling down after a day in the heat.

Soaking in the sun as I take a seat.

Feels like a daydream come true.

Every second makes me so emotional, I don’t know what to do.

This time I have an idea, I want to share this moment with you.

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