Hungry For Starvation

Lost in the desert, handicapped and overheated.

Lost – but not defeated.

The blaze of the sun nearly burning my flesh, how can one withstand this fatiguing heat?

The opposing beasts and demons chase me in perfect health, I’m grateful that I’m at least fast on my feet.

I’ve been running for days as I desperately need to eat.

Illusions start to distract me, some of them speak and I can’t resist to listen.

One of the voices is the carnation of my inner voice, it tells me that this is only part of the mission.

I’ve known this forever it seems, but it feels like I’ve learned it for the very first time.

The voices follow me wherever I go, still starving and still trembling by the flame given by this brutal sunshine.

“One day.” I hear it over and over again like a broken record, until my breath gives out and I can’t even understand the words that I can define.

I’m always afraid that my path will come to an end before I get a chance at destiny.

What if this is it? What if this is the end?

I start to regain my vision and every sense of my body as I’m nearly melted and burnt to a crisp. I hear the voices again, this time they are screaming at me as if there is still hope and they say – “Stay hungry, my friend!”

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