Poetry Tales Of PBE


You know the fact you survived this far is out of respect.

Some beasts lack respect or any manners most would’ve just squashed you like an insect.

Don’t get any ideas I don’t have feelings for you and never will.

Why would you fall for a proposal like that anyway?

Don’t you know I’m the BeastEater, who kills for the thrill?

Let ask you something about my world you willingly stepped into like a fool.

What did you think was going to happen? You survive you live to tell the ,”Tale Of The BeastEater”, and you’ll do it just to be cool?

I’m not an attraction, that’s the problem many tried to be my friend just because the way I am somehow fills their hearts with satisfaction.

So what do you think is going to happen next between us? I fall in love with you and we explore from dawn to dusk?

I’m the type to run west when I need to run east. You may be a beauty I guess, but I’m a beast.

I’m tired of hiding myself with lies, I’m not a beast, an animal nor a cannibal.

I was hurt and I used that pain has strength to make me feel unstoppable.

There’s no BeastEater there never was and it’s the exact opposite of what I’m about.

Deep inside I know I desire love more than anything, but I get conquered by doubt.

I’ve learned that strength isn’t essential for the power of love.

You taught me that no matter who you are you will always be enough.

I keep having these dreams of being with someone, but I always wake up feeling blue.

I want to leave this jungle like I left the world because of the dreams and the fear I always knew.It used to be meaningless now it’s just a fantasy – a fantasy I want to be true with you.

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