I wonder if I’ve met you yet.

Was it you that gave me a great time I’ll never forget?

Do you have my map?

You are going to have to speak louder, what is it you’re trying to say?

I don’t know you at all – when I run in love with you am I straight or am I gay?

Were you the one in my fantasies?

Were you the one I’ve been speaking of when I continue to chase destiny?

I think you did steal my map, your highness or majesty.

Am I flirting with a queen or a king?

I’ll ask again – are you from my dream?

I guess you can understand that my map helps me explore love and freedom.

As you can see I’m still confused…….. am I in the presence of a kingdom or queendom?

Maybe I’m just curious.

But there’s a special feeling inside me, and my heart now appears to be mysterious.

Which way do I go?

My heart tells me to take that road or that road.

I think I did see you in my dreams.

That was the night I learned that I will always play for both teams.

Some would say what I’m feeling is because of hormones or me desiring to be sexual.

I leave them talking, because that special feeling in me every day screams that I’m proud – and I’m proud to be BISEXUAL.

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