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“Being Love’s Prey”(featuring Flawed Silence) PART THREE

Perhaps I’ve loved too much and been hurt once too many times. The trauma still remains, the pain still remains, and my battle scars rest on my heart. Feeling vulnerable as I’m frozen with fear and shaking nervously, it’s never been about if love is pure – it’s always been about if I can find or even deserve a romance or even an ounce of what you speak of. 

Interesting. It appears you have been suffocated and strangled in the clutches of love. These faded bruises and scabbed wounds you keep ruminating over – you’re denying it of the breath of life it needs to survive! Your heart is broken, yet you, yourself, pick the shards up and pierce yourself through the chest. And all for what? To live without fear? To deny yourself of love? To wait till you’re worthy of stealing another’s heart, and giving yours away for free?

See how vulnerable and pitiful that makes me sound? Why is it I feel like a victim? How does one overcome it and become stronger? You say I pierce my chest with the shards I’ve collected, and it’s true, I’m strong enough to admit it. I’m strong enough to admit when I’m afraid – unlike you – who fears nothing but deep down you want your eyes to release a waterfall. You know as well as I do why I’m in a constant state of fear and paranoia. Maybe your mirror was shattered to pieces and maybe your memories of me turned to ashes. But I fear love because I fear you and because I fear you, I needed to make that confession.  

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