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“Being Love’s Prey” (Featuring Flawed Silence) PART ONE

If you wanted to see me, you could’ve just said so.

But tell me, how does one ask to see another, knowing in their heart, the other would rather not be there at all?

When you are here, it feels like I have something to fear. Why would I fear the person I love? It seems as if my tears will never be enough. Why do you insist on forcing such paranoia and fear on me? Can’t you see I’m already broken?

Are you fearful of the person you love, or fearful of the chaos they bring with them? Are you mourning for what cannot be, or for the sacrifices you have to make?

2 replies on ““Being Love’s Prey” (Featuring Flawed Silence) PART ONE”

It was my pleasure! Thank you for your time as well. I had an absolute great and fun time working with you, it was both humbling and made me honored. And you are so talented, I’m not even joking! I hope I’ll once again have the honor of writing killer lines together! THANK YOU SO MUCH once again to you because this is not the biggest poem in PBE history without you, and I want you to remember that.


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