Collaborations Tales Of PBE

“Being Love’s Prey” (feat. Flawed Silence) Preview

Hello everyone! Tonight, PBE will present a poem that wasn’t produced not only by PBE but also Flawed Silence. I would recommend following Flawed Silence by going to and folllow her on Instagram:@kiyax_x ,you will not regret it because her work is absolutely phenomenal. Also I encourage you to follow me on Instagram: @parkerbroomeentertainment ,and on Youtube: PBE TV On Youtube. We would also like to see what side you agree with. I will start off the poem, and she will reply as we alternate lines. Flawed Silence will be represented in italics as PBE will be presented in a bold and italic font . THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST POEM IN PBE HISTORY EVER!!!!! SO FAR AND ITS TOO BIG FOR ONE NIGHT!!! Do you agree with PBE or Flawed Silence? Let both of us know in the comments below, it would be much appreciated! With that being said we hope you enjoy….

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