Secret Enemy

Would you look at the time?

It’s time for you to pretend that everything between us is just fine.

Don’t you dare say that I was never there, that I was just another one that didn’t appreciate what we shared.

I was there even when I feared you.

I was there where I was vulnerable to you, but yet you asked me what you should do.

You knew what you started, you started a fight.

And I finished it because you believe lying makes everything alright.

You’re all talk.

Your words mean nothing like rain washing away chalk.

I should have never trusted you and it’s a shame that I did.

You said we were like brothers but this was no sibling rivalry this was war, and when I showed myself you hid.

I’m ashamed that I was ever afraid.

However, it makes me grateful because without it I’d have never shown my secret enemy such rage.

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