Dreams, we never fully understand what they symbolize.

Reality, we claim to be someone we desire but does it cover up who we really are like a disguise?

Destiny, no matter the distance and regardless of what it’ll take to some it will always appear as a fantasy.

Trust, they look down at you like an insect then they love you, but just ask yourself, “Who really cares for me?”

Knowledge, with everything in this world words will always be said, but for some it hides their own confusion.

Fantasy, the definition of what could never come to life to approach those who are trapped in their own delusion.

We know the meanings, but we’ll never learn the purpose because some approached their evil demons within and made a forbidden deal.

And no matter what society uses it to spread love or to spread hatred, the world is well aware but how do we know what’s fake and what’s real.

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