The Type Of Man I Am

The way I love you makes me feel brand new.

We talked like lovers do and we roam the kingdom that’s ours to rule.

I would wake early to see your texts at 7am because that’s the type of man I am.

I dream of dancing together to a slow jam, just no toast or green eggs and ham but I appreciate the offer ma’am.

I just don’t care what they say we can flex like models on Instagram, because that’s the type of man I am.

I think of doing something stupid, and I think I want to marry you because I’ll die for you and get shot by cupid.

Thinking about love makes me say “Damn, I wonder if it was meant to be because if it was that’ll would be crazy”, we could go to casinos that never welcomed Beyonce and Jay-Z.

But come to think of it I may be too lazy and talking about this is making too sleepy.

Imagine us partying in Vegas, things would get blurry and right now I only see two misters and a mistress and knowing how crazy I get I should be asking for forgiveness.

I don’t know what’s happening nor do I care that I’m walking even though I’m fast and I know you can’t catch me like the gingerbread man because that’s the type of man I am.

I love you but promise you’ll never let me shave because I look like a grown-up Caillou.

Just don’t make me too angry because I’ll get hyper like Pikachu, and I wouldn’t suggest it because you know what he’ll do.

I miss everytime I look away from you, so promise me that we’ll never play peek-a-boo.

Don’t lower the temperature I’m just too hot for this fan.

You don’t think I can be the one but I’ll show you that I can, because that’s the type of man I am.

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