Poetry Tales Of PBE

The BeastEater: Part 2

Why would you even trust me?

You don’t know the first thing about the world I’ve seen and will forever see.

I bet you continue to stand there in fear wondering if you can save me and survive, but there is no way because I don’t even know how.

Stop trying to save me, why can’t you just be grateful? Because I could have preyed on you by now.

All the innocent I’ve consumed.

Every victim had a plan to survived or so I have always assumed.

So what makes you special compared to those before?

I’m a supernatural freak that conquers all, but you’re very oblivious aren’t you?

I haven’t conquered you yet because if your dying wish is to save me then I must show you what I’ve done and that I don’t deserve anything you’ve said.

Why can’t you understand that the more I destroy, the more I listen to the voices in my head?

So you don’t have to continue standing there in fear, I told you already that I’m flattered you fear me but your end isn’t near.

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