Poetry Tales Of PBE


I remember many times when I was brutally resented.

Sometimes I feel like the worst beast the world has ever presented.

Can you imagine that? What if I was always a beast all along and I’m secertly wicked?

What if I slayed my own kind? That’s just twisted.

What if I preyed on the weak, and never showed any desire to lead?

No written truths or an endless path to destiny, because I would be using my power until the world fears me.

What if the people are only happy if it rains, and I’m only happy when I sharpen my fangs?

Come to think of it as a beast would I even have to face demons? Because as a beast I would have embraced every ounce of rage.

It’s funny to think that because each beast I’ve slayed never rested they just trained to kill, and the open world was their cage.

I’d be ashamed if I was a beast that only wanted to feast and terrify.

But then again would I……?

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