Eternal Flame

It may be my worst obsession.

Always wondering if I’m in my demon’s possession.

Constantly asking myself if I’m battling disorders and depression.

Whenever it hits me I don’t look down, because I’m already falling into the eternal flame.

Nothing was ever normal so how can things ever go back to being the same.

How can you say the one who suffers is the one to blame.

Am I really that bad?

This goes way further than what made me and you mad.

It’s not always about you, some things just affect me and makes me question if my ways are true.

How can I stop falling into further sadness?

Because each time I’m sad it always comes with some type of madness.

I’ve been through a lot just like anyone else you’re right.

But have you have felt like the darkness will consume you after you give in and sleep at night.

I don’t think you realize that me and you aren’t the same, and I think that’s part of why I’m falling into the eternal flame.

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