Poetry Tales Of PBE


Did I ever tell you that I loved you?

I probably did it just meant nothing to you.

I’ve fell for false love so many times.

If I had a dime for everytime I was rejected I’d have a million dimes.

I keep falling for false love.

It’s funny because I asked you before if it hurt when you fell from above.

Because I think you’re an angel, and I think you could also be the devil.

You’re the cold, but I’m still warm.

You are like a rose with a thorn.

You make me feel so depressed.

But depression quickly turned to happiness and I think I’m obsessed.

I keep thinking of every word you say.

I keep thinking of what we could be together every day.

You’re so good but yet so evil.

How can I explain that when you’re here my world stops turning and time stands still.

I see it in your eyes.

You lived a life of truth and lies.

You are the person I love and despise.

You keep changing what I feel inside.

It makes me question my pride.

But I’m so in love that it makes me want to die.

Do you want me or do you want to leave me it’s up to you decide

I’ve had enough but I still need more.

Let’s clear the way and party on the dance floor.

After that we continue living our life together that we both adore because it’s giving us feelings that we just can’t ignore.

And there you go again in and out of my life like a stranger.

I don’t care if your love puts me in danger.

Because together we’re both happy but we live in anger.

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