Sheep Dressed As A Wolf

I’m a mastermind with a plan and they never fail.

Put me up against anything or anyone and I promise you I will always prevail.

There are no emotions that will stop me from defeating you, because you’re nothing more than a sheep wearing a wolf mask.

I won’t ever let anyone like that defeat me and you should know that to me you’re just another easy task.

I don’t care what you think you know about me.

I don’t care that you believe that you will be the one to stop me from fulfilling destiny.

And I certainly could care less about how you plan on defeating me because it’s a fantasy.

I would respect you for your mentality, but to break it down for you, you are just a coward who acts like a hero and that’s the reality.

So if you actually want to face me in a confrontation, you better believe that I will give you no mercy without hesitation.

This is quite the game you have chosen to play.

It’s almost like you know nothing about me, because if you looked at my history you’ll know that when I’m under pressure I slay.

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